There’s no denying that the only thing more irritating than ineffective diaper rash cream is … well, diaper rash. The need for a better remedy inspired our story, one that started over 30 years ago.

In 1986, Kevin Floyd and Gary Anderson, two licensed pharmacists in Charleston, South Carolina, teamed up in search of a simple, yet effective formula that would be as pleasing to local moms as to Mother Nature. A clever combination of their last names resulted in the Flanders brand name, and an even more clever product resulted in quickly increasing popularity among patients, doctors and nurses in the community.

As demand grew, the pharmacists behind the affectionately named “Buttocks Ointment” decided to make it available to other pharmacies nationwide. So, they incorporated Flanders, Inc., and began contracting with an FDA-approved manufacturer to make the product right here in USA, ensuring it was both all-American and free from unnecessary chemicals.

In 2009, the Floyd family took sole ownership of Flanders, Inc. and today Kevin Floyd’s wife and two sons, Matt and Jeff and their families, continue to run the company – and honor their beloved father’s legacy through growing the Flanders brand. Today, Flanders Buttocks Ointment is available to virtually every pharmacy in America through a wholesale network. Plus, rash relief is never more than a click on Amazon away!

The Floyd family, in addition to expanding the Flanders brand, work to increase awareness of glioblastoma, the cancer that claimed their father’s life. Their mission to educate others in remembrance of their father’s bravery and strength, is further proof that a passion for helping people can, indeed, be passed down from one generation to the next.

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